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Player Registration

On-Line Registration: 

Registration is OPEN!!! Everyone that registers with the club must create a family account. This will be your own account to register your child/children to play with the RPYSC.  All coaches and assistant coaches are required to register as well. This will be used for every season.

Thank you for becoming part of the RPYSC FAMILY

Registration Steps: 

Step 1 - Click on "Login/Register" Tab, if you already have an account.

Step 2 -  If you DO NOT have an account, click on "Create An Account" (under First Time?)

Step 3 - Complete All Steps 1 & 2

                                       a) enter your e-mail address and password

                                       b) enter your personal information 

Step 4 - Now your account is complete! Click on "ADD YOUR CHILDREN"

Step 5 - Create Child - enters child's information

Step 6 - Click on "Register Now" next to your child's name

Step 7 - Enter emergency contact information

Step 8 - Enter your child's grade, if you would like to volunteer and uniform size (for new members only)

Step 9 - Agree to the Consent

Step 10 - Click on Checkout (pay by check or credit card)

Step 11 - Print out your order form and number

Congratulation!!!! You are now part of our family. 

Contact E-Mail:

In order to complete online registration, the player's parent must: Complete all required information for each player & Print out the Registration Receipt.